Dual / Cross Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Programs

  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Technology


  • Automotive Collision Specialist


  • Automotive Service Technology


  • Aviation (Full Time Only)


  • Computer Systems & Info. Technology


  • Cosmetology* Cross enrolled (Full Time Only)


  • Electricity


  • Marine Services Technologies


  • Medical Administrative Specialist


  • Welding

Are there fees for Career Dual Enrollment?

What is Career Dual Enrollment?

Career Dual Enrollment is an option for high school students to enroll in post secondary courses earning credit toward both a high school diploma and a career technical program certificate. Students receive additional quality points on their weighted GPA for every course completed within the program. (Cosmetology is a cross enrolled program and will not earn weighted GPA.)

Eligibility Requirements

High school students must:

  • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or above unweighted

  • Be enrolled in 11th or 12th grade and be at least 16 years old

  • Be free of disciplinary actions in the semester prior to enrollment and while enrolled in dual enrollment

  • Have no more than 10% absences based on prior year’s attendance. This includes tardies and individual periods

  • Passed all state/Bay District Schools standard testing including FAST score of 3 or higher, EOC Algebra 1 or EOC Geometry)

  • Must be able to provide own transportation

How do students get started?

All prospective Dual Enrolled students must:

  • Complete the Haney Technical College Dual Enrollment Application.  The application needs to be filled out completely with the required signatures and returned to your counselor.
  • Your High School Counselor will ensure that you meet the Dual Enrollment Criteria and submit the application to Haney. Your High School counselor will be notified if you have been accepted and arrange your high school schedule appropriately.
  • If accepted, you will be contacted by a Haney Counselor and they will arrange for you and your parent to come in for an orientation meeting.
  • You will be required to take the basic skills test. The Haney Counselor will go through this with you during your orientation meeting.

What are the expectations while dual enrolled?

Your high school diploma is priority. If you put yourself at risk, you will be removed from the program. All criteria that made you eligible for Haney will apply as you continue through the program.

Attendance is crucial. If you miss more than 10% (excused & unexcused) of your schooling (includes at the high school), you will be removed from the program. Licensure programs have additional attendance requirements.

Is there an attendance policy?

In accordance with Florida Statute 1003.24, a child’s attendance in school is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. Absences cause students to miss significant instruction and learning opportunities. Non–attendance places the student in jeopardy of consequence per the dual enrollment agreement. Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the program.

Are ID’s required in all programs?

Yes. Each student will be issued an ID that must be worn at all times while on campus.

Can students drive to Haney?

Yes, a parking permit is required and must be displayed. Students may only park in student parking . The 5 mph speed limit is enforced.


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