How to Enroll

Individuals may apply for full-time admission. All training programs at Tom P. Haney Technical College have minimum admission or state licensure requirements. Applicants should have the basic skills necessary for potential success in the training program and the career field they have chosen. Classes are available to assist students in improving basic skills.

Admission & Registration Policy/Procedures

Haney Technical College provides multiple opportunities to enroll each academic year.  Admission is open to all qualifying students (students with a minimum of a high school diploma, GED, or home-school certification, if program requires).  To receive Title IV funds (Pell Grants), a student must have a high school diploma, GED or home-school certification, (additional information may be requested to confirm the validity of high school education).  Detailed program information may be found in our course catalog aw well as online at


General Admission Procedures

Items Needed at Registration: 
  • Completed Haney Online Application 
  • Basic Skills Exam results.  If exempt from basic skills exam, proof of exemption required.  All applicants that were home-schooled are required to provide Basic Skills Test results.
  • If under the age of 21 and never enrolled in Bay District Schools, need proof of immunizations.
  • Florida Residency Declaration form with 2 (two) proof of residency documents (for in-state tuition rate) for Career & Technical Education (CTE) students.
  • Valid government issued photo identification and Social Security card (excluding military ID) 
  • Copy of unofficial transcripts, from high school, GED, or college/technology center(s) attended for CTE students only. 
 Payment Methods: (refer to Tuition Schedule for rates)
  • Cash, check, debit or credit card
  • Pell Grant
  • VA Education Benefits
  • Florida Prepaid (please bring account number)
  • Florida Bright Futures
  • Scholarship
  • Other Sources 

 All fees (tuition, lab, registration, student activity fee, etc.) must be paid at the time of registration.  Unless exempt, out-of-state tuition rates apply to CTE students who do not meet Florida Residency requirements.  According to Florida Statute §1009.25 tuition and fee exemptions apply for youth who were in custody of the Department of Children and Families (DCF).  Please see a counselor in Student Services for more information.


Enroll in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: ONLINE APPLICATION  All prospective students are required to complete the online application during the designated application dates.  The online application will not be available until the specified dates listed for each program.  The Practical Nursing program requires additional steps including TEAS testing.  Pleased visit the Practical Nursing page for these additional requirements. 

Step 2: ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT If not exempt: take the basic skills test that measures applicant's grade levels in mathematics, reading, and language. Pre-register for the Basic Skills Test, pay the applicable fee, and arrive at least 15-minutes prior to testing. Be sure to bring your I.D. with you to Student Services (must be 16 years old or older). If you are unsure of the program of training you wish to enter, schedule some time with our Career Specialist and view our Directory of Programs Each program has its own basic skills requirement.

You may be exempt from the basic skills testing if you: 


=         You earned a diploma from a Florida public high school since 2007.

=         You earned a GED since 2014.

=         You hold an AA degree or higher.

=         You have taken the ACT or SAT, and earned qualifying scores.

=         You have passed a qualifying industry certification in your area of study.

=         You are an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

=         FL public high school transcript exemptions: Unweighted GPA of 3.0 and a final grade of B or higher in English 4/English 4 Honors to exempt reading/language, and a final grade of B or higher in Algebra 1/Algebra 1 Honors or higher math to exempt math.  (Graduation is not required for this exemption.)

=         You earned a final grade of B or higher in certain Math or English classes at an accredited college/university.

Proof of exemption status is required. Please see a counselor for further details.

Step  3: EMAIL CONFIRMATION   Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email confirming receipt.  You will receive (within two weeks) a second email requesting documentation and your method of payment. All fees (registration, tuition, lab, student activity, etc.) must be paid at the time of registration, and all documentation must be received before you are officially accepted.  A delay in receiving your documentation and payment method will result in forfeiture of your acceptance. Out-of-state fees will be charged to students who have not established one year of Florida residency.  

Step  4: DOCUMENTATION   Complete the admission requirements by submitting immunizations (if under 21), two proofs of Florida residency,  Social Security Card (optional,) and a copy of high school/GED/Associate degree unofficial transcript. 

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