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Adult General Education/GED Prep Course 

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Adult Basic Education

The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program prepares students to enroll in General Educational Development (GED) preparation. ABE includes courses designed to improve the employability of the State’s workforce through instruction in language, mathematics, reading, and workforce readiness skills. ABE involves non-credit courses designed to develop basic skills necessary for successful employment and citizenship.  This is an open entry/open exit program of study.    


Applied Academics For Adult Education

The purpose of the AAAE program is to prepare students for academic, technical, and personal success. The program is designed for students who have tested at the equivalent of 9th grade and above but lack the required level of basic skills for completion of the CTE program. The AAAE program is an individualized performance-based program. The AAAE program is non-graded and is an open entry/open exit, individualized performance based program. Placement into the program is based on the Basic Skills Test and an individual needs assessment. 



GED Board Policy


Administration of the General Education Development Test shall be in compliance with § 1003.435, Fla. Stat., Fla. Admin. Code R. 6A-6.021, and conditions outlined in the contract with the Florida Department of Education.  To take the GED exam, a candidate must be at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of examination.  Candidates between the ages of 16 and 18 may be eligible to take the GED examination if they meet the special requirements listed below or are enrolled in the GED Exit Option Program. 

Special Requirements for Students Between the Ages of 16 and 18.  Students between the ages of 16 and 18 must meet the requirements of extraordinary circumstances, enrollment, and be granted an age waiver by the Superintendent or his or her designee before the student will be permitted to take the GED examination.  

1. Definition of Extraordinary Circumstances.  Students between the ages of 16 and 18 shall qualify for extraordinary circumstances only if the student is: 
2. Enrollment Requirements.  Candidates, whether district students or home education students, who score less than 155 on the GED preparation (“GED Ready”) test, must be enrolled in a GED Preparation Program at Haney Technical College, in a program under a contract with an outside agency to provide educational services for the School Board (“Contract Programs”), or in a Juvenile Justice Program (“DJJ”).  Once a candidate has withdrawn from a district high school to enter the GED Preparation Program, he/she may not re-enter a district high school. 
3. Age Waiver Requirements. Candidates shall be granted a waiver by the Superintendent or his or her designee and if the following conditions have been met: 
• Candidates must have provided the Director/Principal of Haney with:  1) a written letter of hardship from their parent/guardian, 2) a score of 155 or above on the GED Ready test, 3) a copy of the Age Waiver Form that is required when registering for the GED Ready test.  The Director of Haney will accept GED request packages with information from New Horizons, Contract Programs or home education students.  DJJ students shall have scored a 155 or above on the GED Ready test • The Director of Haney or the district liaison for DJJ shall present to the Superintendent or his/her designee a written recommendation for the candidate to take the GED examination at Haney. 
• Waivers granted by the Superintendent or his or her designee are ONLY for students enrolled in and taking the examination in a Bay District School. 
• be enrolled in courses that meet high school graduation requirements; 
• be over age for grade, behind in credits, with a low GPA; 
• score a 155 or better on the GED Ready test; 
• have a minimum reading level at 9th grade as documented by the basic skills test reading component and 
• successfully participate in the Performance-based Exit Option Model for at least one full semester. 




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