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 Massage Therapist Licensure Process


Massage Therapy


Program Length: 750 hours
30 weeks
Program Number: H120406


The Massage Therapy Program is designed to prepare students for employment as a Florida state licensed massage therapist (LMT). After completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take an approved National Examination for Florida state licensure.

Massage Therapy Students

The content includes, but is not limited to, theory and practice of massage therapy, human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, theory and practice of hydrotherapy, Florida laws and rules, hygiene, practical demonstrations, leadership and human relations skills, health and safety, CPR and employability skills.

Massage Therapy Classroom 1

Reinforcement of basic skills in English, Mathematics, Science and appropriate research and computer technologies for job preparatory occurs through vocational classroom instruction and applied laboratory procedures or practice.

This program meets the Department of Health HIV/AIDS education requirements. Upon completion of that course, the student will be provided a certificate verifying that those requirements have been met.

Program Structure:

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse HoursOCP
MSS0204Massage Therapy 1375 hoursA
MSS0209Massage Therapy 2375 hoursB

Basic Skills: Unless exempt, students' competency in reading, math, and language are assessed within six (6) weeks of program entry. Required basic skill grade levels are: Reading 10 and Math 9.

(1) Massage Therapy students are allowed to be absent for only 24 classroom hours during their entire program of study. A minimum of 726 hours are required on the official transcript for graduation from the massage therapy program. There are no excused absences from the hourly count.

(2) This course is a Florida state licensure program of study in Massage Therapy and operates under the rules and regulations of the state of Florida Department of Education, Department of Health and Board of Massage Therapy.

(3) A maximum of 25 students will be selected to begin the Massage Therapy Program each year.

Massage Therapy Classroom 2


Massage Therapy Classroom 3

Council on Occupational Education (COE) Rates
Program Completion Rate: 91%
Program Placement Rate: 100%
Program Licensure Rate: 100%


About the Instructor


Mr. Lee Thompson is a graduate of the Tom P. Haney Technical College's Massage Therapy Program from 1998. He has been working as a Florida State Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in private practice since then. Mr. Thompson has been teaching massage therapy techniques at various school in the panhandle since 2000, and began teaching at Haney in 2008. He is also a state approved provider of continuing education, which is used by LMT’s across Florida for biannual license renewal.

Throughout his career, Mr. Thompson has been the recipient of numerous awards from both state and national associations for his outstanding efforts towards the betterment of the massage therapy profession.

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